Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) recommendations for dentists and patients.

What is dental mercury?
Often referred to as “silver fillings,” all dental amalgams consist of 45-55% metallic mercury.

What is SMART?
Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) is a protocol developed through the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) to safely remove amalgam fillings and reduce mercury exposure to patients, doctors and clinical staff. 

When an amalgam filling is drilled out, mercury particles can be aerated into the air surrounding the patient and clinicians. These particles, if breathed in, can be distributed throughout our body. The SMART protocol works to reduce your exposure of mercury vapor.

How SMART works:
After a consult with one of our doctors, a treatment plan can be created to map our your personalized removal of your amalgam fillings. On the day of your removal the following steps are performed:

1. Pre-treatment and post-treatment rinse with an activated charcoal.
2. A rubber dam (vinyl)  isolates the tooth and keeps mercury particles from interacting with oral tissues.
3. Clean, mercury-free air delivered via a nasal mask prevents the inhalation of mercury particulates.
4. High-volume external air suction to ensure removal of any mercury particulates or vapors.
5. An ionizer is used to protect dental staff and patients from harmful mercury vapors associated with mercury-based amalgam fillings.
6. Protective garments and paper drapes are used to protect the patient, dentist and staff.
7. In-office air purifiers remove mercury particulates from the immediate surroundings.
8. A mercury separator collects particles from being released into the environment.


Can all my amalgam fillings be removed the same day?
In order to minimize any potential mercury exposure, our doctors typically recommend removed no more than 2 to 3 amalgam fillings per visit. 

I don’t want to leave my current dental practice. Can I come to Harmony just for the SMART procedure?
While we would love to be your primary dental practice, patients are not required to make Harmony their primary dental home. However all new patients are required to receive a comprehensive oral evaluation and treatment plan creation prior to any SMART procedure.

How long do I have to wait in between SMART visits?
In order to allow the body to equilibrate after a SMART procedure, we recommend patients wait two or more weeks before proceeding with their next amalgam removal procedure.

How much does the SMART procedure cost?
There is a $95 charge per tooth that is received the SMART procedure. This charge is not covered by insurance and is in addition to the cost of the restoration that will be replacing the amalgam filling. 

Do I have to have SMART done, even if I don’t want it?
Our office was designed so that all patients, doctors and staff could come into a space that was clean and safe from harmful chemicals and toxins, including mercury. For safety of our practice, all patients needing to have an amalgam filling removed, must be done through SMART.